HackerTrail For Ongoing Hiring

Step 1: Post a job

Simply post a job on hackertrail.com. We source and engage thousands of candidates that are relevant for your job, regardless of demographic and location.

Step 2: Receive suitable candidates

We make recruitment more about science and less about art. We automate the process of sourcing, engaging and curating candidates so you can focus on interviewing only the best candidates.

HackerTrail For Project-based Hiring

Step 1: Tell us about your IT needs

Ramping up your IT team can be a daunting task. We've built global teams ourselves and we get that. Allow us to learn more about the types of people you are looking for.

Step 2: We'll setup a dedicated job campaign

Our sourcing engine can find you top talent with the specific skills you need, and have studied at specific universities that you like. Looking to hire talent from within your industry? That's not a problem either!

Step 3: Receive suitable candidates

Oh and did we mention, our search is location agnostic!

Why Partner with HackerTrail?

Quality is Our Priority

Each candidates is put through a number of skill-based challenges before they can apply to your job. We match key data points from each candidate's profile to your company and job profile and only send the best ones your way.

Human Bias Removed

We automate the process from sourcing to shortlisting so you can go ahead and focus on the important stuff - like interviewing these candidates in person.

Your Workflow Undisrupted

You're busy - we get that! Simply view the best candidates in your inbox and action them right from there. Come back to your dashboard if you'd like to compare candidates. Easy, and efficient!

Hear from Our Clients


One size does not fit all, we get that!

Performance-based Pricing

• Success Fee Per Candidate Hired

• Align with ongoing hiring needs or run a dedicated job campaign

• Online to offline recruitment drives for ••bulk hiring

Subscription-based Pricing

• No ceiling on number of hires and no ••success fee

• We join forces with your TA team

• We run exclusive hiring events

Candidate Assessments

• Live Coding Challenges in 15 languages

• Practical Multiple-choice Questions

• Scenario-based Challenges

• Assess Unlimited Candidates